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Welcome to the website of FigBid EU. I have started this website because of my struggle to get the right fig type from reliable sellers. In the modern world you’ll have a lot of options to buy fig cuttings and plants: ebay, etsy, facebook etc. But the sellers on these websites will not always send you what you are asking for. You will notice this after 3 years of growing when the fig production start (or not). In that time you won’t even remember from who you bought the cutting. So the current reviews of these shops are only  applicable to the  state of the cuttings and the shipping. In the USA there are some great websites which are giving more information about scammers. But a lot of these websites are focussed on the USA. As an example there is a website called with very reliable sellers, but… European custommers can’t register. This is the reason for me to start a european Fig community to help eachother out. 

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Start your expedition in fig propagation by registering to our website. Here you will find everything you need to collect the best fig variations. Features